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My services are designed to empower individuals into meaningful, intentional action that moves the needle.

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 "Victoria has pushed me to achieve results while meeting me where I'm at without judgement. Her ability to break down information makes me feel like anything is possible, while also actually motivating me beyond just writing the goal down or making a New Year’s resolution. She actually can light that fire that makes me cross it off the list."

- Alexis J.

"Victoria is relatable and has a unique background. That along with her empathic personality allows her to connect on a deeper level. She is also a good listener and provides structured and compassionate feedback. Her coaching gave me the resources to fix old thought patterns and overall live a more positive happy day to day life."

- Nicole D.

"Victoria is direct and good at eliminating the obstacles for the next step. She is good at cutting through the "fluff" and gave me a clear and concise orientation towards specific goals we came up with. You get back what you put in."

- Jonathan S.

"Victoria's organizational skills are truly top tier. I can confidently say I would work with her in any capacity in the future. Her professionalism, vision, and ability to execute are the qualities that any cient would value."

- Chris S.

"Victoria has the unique combination of being worldly, wise, and circumspect, while also being incredibly cool. As a result, she’s able to connect with and mentor young people especially well. Victoria helped me discover confidence in my voice at a time when I needed it most. She helped convince me that the story I had to convey was one worth sharing."

- Phillip W.

"Victoria is completely honest. You know you’re getting quality feedback from someone who isn’t afraid to tell you their opinion. She helped me see myself in a more confident light. Make sure you are completely forthright with her about what is going on so she can best support you."

- M.H.