I have lived my life in preparation

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My coaching journey is deeply rooted in my diverse academic and professional background, and marked by a history of success supported by the coaches and mentors who shaped me.

My pursuit of excellence began in Los Angeles where I attended Chandler School and Harvard-Westlake School. My academic journey took me from the United States Military Academy at West Point to Vanderbilt University, where I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts.

I began my professional career as a Software Consultant, stepping into fractured teams in massive organizations to fix them from within as a Servant Leader.

Almost immediately, I noticed that every problem I was tasked with solving had one thing in common- an individual who was unknowingly projecting their own internal struggles onto the team they belonged to. 
An individual with a desire to change, but no idea how. 

So, I changed my approach and began coaching team members on an individual level. Subtly lifting layers off of their fear-based approach to life. Facilitating self-reflection, offering support, and celebrating their victories. It was admittedly outside of the job description, but it worked better.

I was trained to remove obstacles from their path and advise them on how to grow better together- not by telling them what to do. It worked.

Coaching others into their greatest potential and deepest fulfillment. Not just professionally, but holistically.

Using my innate gift of helping others navigate the complexities of their lives and careers has been one of my greatest sources of gratitude and joy. Those feelings have propelled my own motivation, career, and ultimately, life.

Six years later, I stepped into my passion.

Victoria specializes in working with adolescents and young professionals, employing a holistic approach that combines multiple modalities including mindfulness and stress management, resilience and growth mindset, and positive psychology. 

Her role doesn't just stop at coaching. Victoria serves on the board of several educational institutions and volunteers her time advising student groups, girls empowerment conferences, and women and minority solopreneurs. 

Her multifaceted experience makes her an ideal coach for anyone looking to improve their academic performance, navigate career transitions, or achieve personal growth.

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